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October 13, 2020

coding music

Today I shared in - one of my all time favorite communities - my secret sauce, the apogee of all coding music playlists. Perhaps I am overselling a little bit but is indeed my go-to playlist for heavy loads of work. Whereas classical music is relaxing and I do often listen to it while coding, I prefer electronic music when I need to focus. Songs have to be monotonous, good tempo to keep you going and ideally I'll be avoiding lyrics - although some of them are pretty cool so they had to be added to the list.

Ideal for assiduous coding or tasks demanding ceaseless concentration. You'll see yourself effortlessly fall into a deep state of maximum efficiency and skyrocketing productivity

I have been sharing this playlist to some of my friends and they all loved it. I got great feedback and I kept adding songs to make it even better. The playlist is currently over 13 hours long and growing. Looking forward to sharing it with as many people as possible and helping them thrive in their most intensive code sprints.

Please enjoy

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